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Группа компаний «Ротекс» расширяет ассортимент качественных немецких товаров и предлагает дверные петли от компании Dr. Hahn.

Дверная петля Dr.Hahn KT-V – это объединение современных надежных технологий и стильного дизайна. Немецкое качество, проверенное временем, привлекательный вид дверей, простой монтаж. Подходит для всех дверей из ПВХ или дерева как правого, так и левого открывания, максимальная нагрузка до 140 кг. Соответствие международному стандарту CE – 13-й класс. Возможность регулировки, с сохранением внешнего вида.

About Rotex


Rotex Group of companies , which includes Preiz LTD and now Rotex Glass Limited in Africa - is the distributor of components for window and door production, offers a wide range of products manufactured in Europe: ROTOFRANKAG, HAUTAU, DIPRO, GEZE and many others, as well as the most reliable REZE Turkish fittings.

Our company has been operating in the market for window and door  accessories for more than 17 years and holds a leading position in the Ukrainian market. 

Despite many years of experience, we are not resting on our laurels. We follow the trends and introduce new technologies. Preiz LTD- is a big manufacturer of doors and windows and we offer specialized services, professional advice and support to customers.

We produce doors and windows of different complexity and requirements with modern equipment, advanced technology and high-quality materials.

Rotex is the only company among the major distributors and manufacturers with a separate division that integrates innovative technologies for windows and doors in Eastern Europe. Our highly qualified staff will be happy to give competent advice on hardware systems and finished products.

We organize seminars and trainingsand provide technical support and assistance in developing and calculating any non-standard and complex designs. We provide all necessary tools and equipment to optimize the production process (mounting templates, press for trimming tools, software).

With the support of specialists from our European partners, we carry out engineering assessment, to improve the efficiency of your production process.

We offer a flexible system of discounts, timely delivery of goods, favorable and individual conditions for cooperation. The direct goal of our company is to meet all customer needs and to be his mainstay.

Timely replenishment of our warehouse and diversification of product range gives us confidence in our uniqueness. All products undergo rigorous quality control and internal certification before entering the product range of the company. 


The product range of the company includes:


  • European standard windows and doors
  • Door hardware;
  • Window hardware;
  • Door closers;
  • Door locks;
  • Window hinges;
  • Door hinges;
  • Profile cylinders;
  • Handles for windows;
  • Handles for doors;
  • Remote opening systems;
  • Seals for windows and doors made of wood ;
  • Aluminum timetable for windows; 
  • Patio tilt - sliding and sliding system;
  • Windows and doors of all types and sizes;
  • External and internal solar protection;
  • Gates.